Editing & Proofreading

Does your writing need a polish, is English your second language or do you just need someone to review your work? Everyone’s writing could benefit from another set of eyes to spot things you’ve missed and to bring out the best in your writing.

Beyond editing and proofreading, I provide a special service.

Raw to SEO Ready

I transform your raw written content into SEO-optimised, compelling web copy that drives visitors to buy your products/services.

This service is provided with two options:

  • Single job – a one-off project where I convert your content and deliver it to you, after which the project is complete.
  • Five-month retainer – an engagement where I convert your content and deliver it to you on a weekly basis for a period of five months (20 weeks).

Other Services

Other editing and proofreading services I provide include:

  • Proofreading – ensure that spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct and consistent.
  • Copy editing – line by line review of your written material to improve readability and accuracy, and to check for references that are unclear on inaccurate.
  • English as a second language assistance – update documents translated into English or written by someone with English as a second language to make them sound like they were written by a native speaker.
  • Spelling localisation – review documents written in the US for spelling, punctuation and grammar used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc.
  • Formatting – ensure that font, colour, alignment etc is visually appealing, consistent and compliant with your organisation’s branding.

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