Benefits of being discoverable online

discovering a lightbulb

Why oh why did they say, “Build it and they will come”?

That’s only for the movies.

A better saying could be, “If a small business launches in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Not if that business is not discoverable online. A business that is not discoverable online is missing out on countless benefits.

You may have a shopfront on a main street. Passers-by and word of mouth are enough to generate an income.

But that’s not everyone’s experience. Many businesses, whether on or offline, don’t have a physical shopfront. And even if you do, you’re missing out on so many more customers because they haven’t discovered you online. Imagine all the benefits more customers could bring.

And not every person in your neighbourhood walks past your shop. Or notices it if they do.

Search engines are focussing more and more on location. So if you want more people in your neighbourhood to find you, then you need to be discoverable online.

Even if people do randomly walk past your shop, do they really know you and your business? If they want to know something about you, guess where they’ll look? Yep, online.

These days people learn more about a business online than anywhere else. These are the people who’ll become your customers because they’ve done the research and made an informed choice.

Traditional marketing and lead generation is costly. If you’re a small business just getting started, can you afford this expense? And would you want to fork out for it if you knew you could achieve the same results with a good online presence and SEO?

Benefits come to a business who is discoverable online because its potential customers:

5 benefits of being discoverable online

Furthermore, a professional website will show that you’re a legitimate and authentic business. It’ll get the attention of the people who are looking for the goods/services you provide. Basically, an online presence will lead customers to you. And that’s always a good thing, right?

If you’re discoverable online, no matter what type of business you run, you’ll be able to attract the right customers who can engage with you in the right way. And help grow your business.

Good written copy on your website is a big part of having a good online presence. Customers and search engines love it. That’s where I can help you.

So if you’re not discoverable online, you know what’ll happen? Nothing!

But if you are discoverable online, you know what could happen? Everything!