How I Work

Need writing services, but not sure where to start? Never fear!

I am professional … but chilled out. And most importantly, I’m adaptable.

Each person, their business and what they require is unique. So you’ll want to work with someone who’s able to fit in with your own particular circumstances. I’ll tailor my approach to meet your needs. I’ll even write with the Oxford comma, if it’s your preference.

But having said that, I’ve learnt from the experience of working with different clients on a variety of projects that the following process works well.

1. Get in contact

Fill out my contact form and give me an idea about what you’re after. You don’t need to write War and Peace, but the more info you supply the quicker we can get started. Some suggestions of super helpful info for both of us are:

  • A bit about you and your business. The goods or services you provide, your point of difference in the market, your dream customers, stuff you’re passionate about.
  • Name of your existing website if you have one.
  • Deadline. A couple weeks notice is always appreciated, but in some situations I can do rush jobs.
  • Writing services needed. Web content or copy from scratch, getting your draft material ready for the world, or something else.
  • Estimated number of words you need written or polished.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers, just tell me what you know. We’ll nut out the rest in our briefing call.

2. Have a chat

I’ll arrange a free, no-obligation briefing session at a mutually-convenient time. Zoom is great, but we can also talk on the phone or meet for in person if you’re Melbourne-based. Call length will vary on the client and project, but we’re normally looking at 30 minutes for new clients. Things we’ll most likely discuss include:

  • Anything you didn’t tell me in the contact form. Don’t worry, I’ll guide the conversation to make sure I get all the info I need to do a good job for you.
  • A bit more about your business. Background, key selling points, competitors.
  • Your target customers. Who are they, what do they want and what are they already spending their money on?
  • Your voice. You and your brand are awesome and unique, so we want this reflected in your written content.
  • Other requirements not already covered.

3. Quote

It’s important to know upfront what you’ll be getting and how much it’ll cost. I’ll give you an idea of this when we talk, but after our briefing session I’ll send you a proper quote. Depending on your project this might be an email with a few important bullet points like the key deliverables and my fee. For more complex projects, I’ll send you a proposal.

4. Money stuff

For small projects, I’ll send you an invoice for the full amount. For larger projects I’ll require a 50% payment. Once I’ve received payment, I’ll start work. I’ll also clarify the exact deadline for both the first draft and the final version.

5. Write on

You get back to running your business and I’ll get going on writing your content.

6. Drafts and updates

I’ll send you the first draft and you’ll send back your feedback. My fee covers two rounds of edits.

7. Finito!

I’ll send you the final version of your content for you to get uploaded and start attracting customers. For larger projects, I’ll also send you the invoice for the final 50%. And we’ll both live happily ever after 🙂