Feedback on my web content writing

“Nichola is fantastic and easy to work with. She really wants to give you copy that reflects who you are and what your service is about at its core. We started out sketching the ideas for the overall message for the content. She did extra research to gain a deeper understanding of the meta language in my field and how to use it for my copy. She easily took on feedback after a great first draft where I asked to change the tone from sales-like to warm, nurturing and welcoming. I explained a bit more some of the context of some of the meta language for each section. The result was amazing. I wanted to book my own service after reading the second draft. We then just tweaked a couple more things before it was finished. I felt very inspired by it. I will definitely work with Nichola again in the future if I need more work done. Highly recommend!”

Michelle Reeves, The Awakening Space

“Nichola understood what I wanted for my website copy straight away. Her background in business meant that she was able to easily understand my services and audiences. She also knows how to write for web which was a huge help, not only for my SEO but for my web designer. As a former marketer I had high expectations and wanted copy that was targeted, tailored and relatable. Nichola was able to deliver on everything and I am incredibly grateful for her help. I highly recommend her copy writing services.”

Lee-Ann Hawe, Change and Communications Consultant

“Nichola wrote the copy for an About page and a Home page for the soon-to-be-launched website for my kinesiology business. She’s an articulate professional who was able to understand the nature of my business in a practical way. Even though it’s not her area, she wrote in the language of a kinesiologist in a manner that was engaging and easy to read. As well as writing web copy, Nichola helped me flesh out and brainstorm business ideas. She has a firm grasp on business ideas and can summarise them in a way that makes sense for my customers.”

Deep Dhanoa, Kinesiologist

“Nichola wrote the content on my website and was professional, thorough and worked to the agreed schedule, in fact she was early. I highly recommend her.”

Sonia Rosa, Director of Ceres Choice Media

Feedback on article & book writing

“Nic has worked on a number of projects with PBS. She was the Project Coordinator of the 40 Years of PBS book project; writing content, collating material, and proofreading. So much proofreading. Nic also writes and edits content for our members magazine. Nic is a super reliable, efficient and highly skilled writer and editor. It’s my pleasure to recommend Nic for any writing job, big or small!”

Meg Butler, PBS 106.7FM Marketing & Events Manager

Feedback on grant & proposal writing

“Nichola is a conscientious, highly-skilled grant writer. She is detail-oriented and has a firm grasp of the grant-writing process. Nichola has a great ability to write in a voice that reflects my brand and what my business proposal was trying to achieve.”

Zokky Novak, Director, Zokky ID Pty Ltd

“Thank you so much for agreeing to take on this last-minute project; and working around the clock to provide a quality document on time.”  

Kenneth Maran, Maran Consulting Pty Ltd

Feedback on my debut novel, With the Music

“Let me first say that two of my favorite reads are ‘the art of racing in the rain’ and ‘running with scissors’. If you know these books and we are on the same page then I promise you that ‘with the music’ will transport you through four decades of pure joy in the life of an Aussie teen to a young woman and into adulthood. The author, Nichola Scurry, may or may not be the protagonist, Dot. In her own right Dot and her satellite of friends and relations navigate clubs, drink, drugs and relationships and always music to a final chapter in Dot’s life I did not see coming. I really loved this memoir.”

Allen F, Amazon review

“Loved this book and couldn’t put it down! The writing is clever, witty and hilariously funny. The attention to detail, the music, the slang, ‘Excuse me, are you bum-puffing or inhaling that cigarette?’ and the references to all things Melbourne (and Australian) are so reminiscent of many things from my own childhood (and teens and 20s and 30s…), that it’s almost scary. Loved the main character, Dot, and her quirky little ways, her slightly dysfunctional family and her pilgrimage to find ‘the man with the music’. A must read.”

Gail, Amazon review

“It’s hard to believe that this is Nichola’s first book. A well developed and well written biographical story set against a background of familiar events and the fundamental music of the eras. For anyone that lived through the 70’s , 80’s and 90’s you’ll immediately relate to the music, the social scene and the authors apprehensions and successes. Highly recommended…”

Neil, Amazon review

“Razor-sharp writing, blisteringly funny, profoundly honest and all set to a familiar thumping playlist!” 

Nikki McWatters, author of One Way or Another

With the Music is the musical journey of a Gen X woman growing up in Melbourne. Nichola Scurry takes us back to times before hipsters, laneway festivals and smashed avocado on sourdough. A must read for self-respecting musos, misfits, Melbournians and anyone looking to find their passion in life again.”

Lee-Ann Hawe, founder of Women Who Write, Melbourne

“An engaging and at times hilarious read about the trials and tribulations of growing up, establishing an adult identity, and the angst being out of step with peers. The story is full of anecdotes that bring to life an era and context that takes us on a very enjoyable trip down memory lane, reminding us that we all need friendship, family and something unique to ourselves: in this story, it’s music.”

Claire Miran-Khan, author of ReThinking Love: Inside the Mind of a Family Therapist