About Me

Hi I’m Nichola, writer-extraordinaire who specialises in writing in-your-voice copy and converting text from raw to SEO-ready. With 15 years experience helping both individuals and corporates, I love to help small organisations with their web copy so they can get back to running their businesses.

I’ve always loved to write. Even as a kid I’d scribble stories on scraps of paper. If I couldn’t write for a living, I’d still write. In fact, I wrote my first novel, With the Music, while working full time in a corporate environment.

I started my career in IT, but always drifted towards projects that involved writing or editing. I loved using my words to align my employers’ messages to attract their dream clients. I also loved polishing the words written by others, capturing the true essence of what they wanted to say.

Now I want to take these skills and help small businesses get online quicker by writing their web copy for them. Not everyone loves to write, so give your writing tasks to someone who loves to write.

Find out more about my services here.