Professional Services

I am passionate about using my writing skills to help individuals and organisations win grants/tenders, and to have the best possible documentation in place - be it business, technical or your own personal writing.

I would love to help you with:

Grant and Proposal Writing

A good grant application or proposal needs to articulate your win themes, address all requirements and be clearly written. I can work with you to create a targeted proposal that has an increased chance of success. Services I provide include:

  • Grant/proposal writing - write everything from scratch, leverage existing material or collaborate with others
  • Grant research - identify the most suitable grant(s) for your project
  • Identification of win themes & proof points - these will clearly demonstrate to the assessor why they should choose you
  • Government panel applications - ensure your organisation is on the correct panel so you can provide services to government entities
  • Grant/proposal review - ensure the proposal you or someone else wrote is as strong as possible

Proposal Library Setup

While every proposal should be targeted to the specific RFP requirements, having material that's ready and easily customisable will save you valuable time. I can set up a tender library that's logically organised and contains all the material you need to create and submit proposals. Services I provide include:

  • Proposal template creation - having the skeleton of a good proposal as a starting point will save you plenty of time
  • Boilerplate writing - create well-written answers to commonly asked questions ready to insert into any proposal
  • Case studies & client references - ensure they're current, relevant and have come with permission to share
  • Collation of collateral - gather previously-submitted proposals, templates, boilerplates and other documentation all in the same place
  • Branding review - ensure document branding is eye-catching and consistent, and truly reflects your organisation

Proofreading and Copy Editing

Does your writing need a polish, is English your second language or do you just need someone to review your work? Everyone's writing could benefit from another set of eyes to spot things you've missed and to bring out the best in your writing. Services I provide include:

  • Proofreading - ensure that spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct and consistent
  • Copy editing - line by line review of your written material to improve readability and accuracy, and to check for references that are unclear on inaccurate
  • English as a second language assistance - update documents translated into English or written by someone with English as a second language to make them sound like they were written by a native speaker
  • Spelling localisation - review documents written in the US for spelling, punctuation and grammar used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc
  • Formatting - ensure that font, colour, alignment etc is visually appealing, consistent and compliant with your organisation's branding

Content Writing

Tell me what you want to say, send me a few bullet points or let me do the research. I'll write content to your specifications that's easy to read and targeted at the right audience. Services I provide include:

  • Blog posts - write blog posts or website content on a variety of topics on a regular basis or as a one-off service
  • Newsletter articles - creation of short, catchy articles written with your audience in mind
  • Ad hoc writing - name the topic, document style and any other requirements, and I'll write your document
  • Research - conduct research on your topic and clearly present the key points to be turned into a document either by myself or someone else

Technical Writing

I have experience writing: user guides, support manuals, training material, deployment guides and pretty much any technical documentation you need. I can create documentation from scratch or edit existing material to bring out its best. Services I provide include:

  • New documents - whatever document you need I can create it either completely from scratch or using any material you supply as a starting point
  • Documentation refresh - review, polish and update or your existing documentation, ensuring it is consistent and relevant
  • Template creation - create a series of brand-compliant, easy-to-read templates you can use as a starting point for future documentation
  • Documentation audit - confirm the documents your project needs, identify which ones you have and create an action plan to address any gaps

Business Newsletters

Want to establish regular communication with your clients? Or maybe you'd like to share news and promote collaboration within your company internally? Services I provide include:

  • Newsletter creation - put together the entire newsletter based on material you supply. Newsletter could be a broadsheet with complete articles or a series of short blurbs with click-throughs to your website
  • Newsletter implementation - set up newsletter process and templates to be used for ongoing newsletters
  • Newsletter articles - creation of short, catchy articles written with your audience in mind

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Not quite what you were after? My writing services are entirely customisable to your requirements, so let's talk anyway!