Minimalist Nic – Introduction

I’ve decided to become a minimalist. Yay! Remember the couple in Absolutely Fabulous who were minimalists? Dressed in white in a room without furniture, wearing thick-rimmed glasses, cooler than cool. Or have you noticed that all the minimalists on YouTube have the same apartment sparsely decorated with green plants in white pots? Well, I don’t think I’m interested in being like those sorts of minimalists. I want nice things around me, but I’d also like the feeling of being able to pack a bag and move overseas on a whim, so that means not too many nice things.

If I can free myself of stuff, maybe I can free my mind too. Maybe you can too. So I’m going to start by decluttering anything I don’t want or need from my life to make room for the things I do. I’m focusing on four areas to minimise – objects, finances, online stuff and time.

I’m also going to try to write about becoming a minimalist without using the word “journey”. I hate the word journey unless it refers to physically travelling somewhere or the eighties rock band. The other type of journey is wanky.

Anyway, I’ve been reducing the physical objects in my possession for four years now and find it pretty easy (and getting easier) to do. It’s kind of fun too. And over the past couple years I’ve been looking at my finances. Recently I’ve come up with a budget I’m good at sticking to and now it’s time to look at my non-disposable income spending. Things like electricity bills and health insurance are a bloody rip-off where I live (Australia) so I’m keen to see if I can reduce them. And this year I’ve started to feel frustrated about how busy I am. Are you familiar with the saying “I don’t have time to scratch my arse”? So I want to look at how I spend my time. As for online stuff (my presence online as well as the files and apps I have on my devices) I’ve only recently started thinking about it, but I want to reduce it to only what’s strictly necessary.

So why minimalism? I don’t want to live in an empty white apartment, but I also don’t want to be tied to it (or anything). I want to have more time, space and finances in my life for the things that truly matter to me. Matter as in I’d still want them around even after an apocalypse. Although I’ve always been a below-average consumer by Australian standards, I want to free myself even more from consumption. How much shit do I really need? How much shit do we all really need?

I’m going to share my experiences here to keep myself accountable and to pass on what I learn so it hopefully helps others with whatever it is they want to achieve. Wow, it was hard to write with that sentence without using the word “journey”!

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