Feedback on my debut novel, With the Music.

‘Razor-sharp writing, blisteringly funny, profoundly honest and all set to a familiar thumping playlist!’  Nikki McWatters, author of One Way or Another

With the Music is the musical journey of a Gen X woman growing up in Melbourne. Nichola Scurry takes us back to times before hipsters, laneway festivals and smashed avocado on sourdough. A must read for self-respecting musos, misfits, Melbournians and anyone looking to find their passion in life again.’  Lee-Ann Hawe, founder of Women Who Write, Melbourne

‘An engaging and at times hilarious read about the trials and tribulations of growing up, establishing an adult identity, and the angst being out of step with peers. The story is full of anecdotes that bring to life an era and context that takes us on a very enjoyable trip down memory lane, reminding us that we all need friendship, family and something unique to ourselves: in this story, it’s music.’  Claire Miran-Khan, author of ReThinking Love: Inside the Mind of a Family Therapist

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